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2018年Boyband / Manband リリース順お薦めプレイリスト 





 'Filthy' by Justin Timberlake (2018/01/05リリース)



'On The Loose' by Niall Horan (2018/02/16リリース)



'Change The World' by Take 6 (2018/03/23 lyric video公開)



'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' by Backstreet Boys (2018/05/17リリース)


'FAKE LOVE' by BTS (2018/05/18リリース)


'Youngblood' by 5 Seconds Of Summer (2018/05/22リリース)



'U.S.A.' by DA PUMP (2018/06/06リリース)



'Talk' by Why Don't We (2018/07/07 MV公開)


'Here We Go Again' by Princes to Kings (2018/07/17 MV公開)


'Se Vuelve Loca' by CNCO (2018/07/19リリース)


'Because' by Boyzone (2018/07/26リリース)



'ヤーレンソーラン' by NORD (2018/08/05リリース)


'Hola' by  Il Divo (2018/08/10 MV公開)



'Got Me Good' by In Real Life (2018/09/05 official audio version公開)


'Like Bobby' by Bobby Brown (2018/09/06 official audio公開)


'Can't Stop the Feeling!' by Out of the Blue (2018/09/07 MV公開)


'God Id A Woman' by RoadTrip (2018/09/09 MV公開)


'Siren Call' by Hanson (2018/09/14 MV公開)


'Right Now' by Nick Jonas, Robin Schulz (2018/09/27 MV公開)



'NEW ORLEANS' by  BROCKHAMPTON (2018/09/27 MV公開)



'Heart of Gold' by INTERSECTION (2018/10/05リリース)


'80s Baby' by New Kids On The Block (ft. Salt-N-Pepa, Naughty By Nature, Tiffany & Debbie Gibson) (2018/10/08 lyric video公開)


'Out Of Our Heads' by TAKE THAT (2018/10/11リリース)


'Open Up' by Omarion (from B2K)  (2018/10/13 lyric video公開)


'Real Friends' by PrettyMuch (2018/10/16 lyric Videoリリース)


'Bounce' by Next Town Down (2018/10/19 MV公開)



'Goodbye' by The Overtones (2018/11/09 official audio公開)