Bon Bon Boyband ! Man Man Manband !


Troye Sivan

<Five to Five> AJ Bentley、Curtis T Johnsとのデュエットで'Dance To This'

As we hit Londons’ West End with @TheBandMusical in 2 days time, now seems the perfect time to launch my brand new VEVO page, with...Dance To This (feat. @CurtisTJohns )!!Enjoy! (Don’t forget to click subscribe) pic.…

<番外 Charli XCX & Troye Sivan> Backstreet Boysも激賞!MV'1999'出来→解答アリ

Well done @troyesivan @charli_xcx That definitely took us back to 1999. Come visit our Vegas residency for the full experience We’d love to have you!Watch here — Backstreet Boys (@backst…